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Diploma in Physiotherapy Technology Assistant (DPTA)

Eligibility: 10th Pass | Duration: 2 Years | Fee: INR 40,000

The Diploma in Physiotherapy Technology Assistant (DPTA) is a vocational training program designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge necessary to assist in physiotherapy treatments and manage patients in various healthcare settings. This course focuses on a comprehensive understanding of physical therapy practices along with the use of technology in the field.

Curriculum and Training

The DPTA program covers a wide range of subjects essential for a thorough understanding of physiotherapy and its applications. The curriculum includes detailed studies on anatomy and physiology, pathology, occupational therapy, nursing, first aid, surgical conditions, and remedial gymnastic hydrotherapy. The training is both theoretical and practical, providing students with hands-on experience in handling physiotherapy equipment, assisting in patient care and rehabilitation, and applying therapeutic practices effectively.

Career Opportunities

Graduates of the DPTA program have various career opportunities in the healthcare sector. They can work as assistant physiotherapists, physiotherapy technicians, or support staff in rehabilitation centers, hospitals, private clinics, and elderly care facilities. The skills acquired during the course also allow for roles in sports therapy centers and wellness clinics, where physiotherapy is a key component of patient care.

Program Objectives

The main objectives of the DPTA program are to prepare students to effectively support qualified physiotherapists in the rehabilitation of patients suffering from reduced mobility due to various conditions. The program aims to develop proficient assistants who can manage physiotherapy equipment, prepare clients for therapy, and perform administrative tasks within a physiotherapy department. Additionally, the course seeks to instill a high level of neatness and consistency in performing job activities, with minimal or no support, ensuring high standards of care and efficiency in the physiotherapy field.

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